Rugby League Betting Guide: How to wager on the Super League

The Rugby League is a popular sport not only in the UK but around the world as well. The game originated in England, but it split from Rugby Union over differences in payments to the players. In this article, we will guide you through wagering on the Rugby Super League and other competitions.

Super League Betting

The Super League is UK’s most famous Rugby event on the calendar. It was created in 1996, but they played by the old rules for two years until they finally decided to include a play-off system. The League is each year between February and October, and it ends with the Grand Final. Betting on this particular event is quite popular and attracts a lot of customers around the globe. The odds are competitive between the top betting sites in the UK, and you won’t be sorry if you choose one of them to bet on the Super League this year. In the rest of the article, we’ve listed the best platforms you can wager with in the UK.

What other Competitions You can Wager on?

The Rugby  League Sports calendar is busiest during the February – October is reserved for the Super League play-offs, and season games. Other competitions you can wager on are:

  • National Rugby League
  • Rugby League World Cup
  • Rugby League European Championship
  • Balkans Cup
  • Nordic Cup
  • Women’s Rugby League World Cup
  • Rugby League World Cup 9s
  • Rugby League Four Nations

There are many other domestic leagues in different countries around the world and on diverse continents from Europe to The Americas and Oceania.

Rugby League Betting Guide

Types of Markets and Bets Available for Rugby League Events

Sports have roughly the same types of markets available to the customers, but there are some exceptions to the rule. In Rugby League the main market types you can choose to wager on are:

  • Match betting
  • Handicap betting
  • Half time/Full time
  • First Truscorer
  • Head to Head
  • First Score of the Game
  • Outright
  • Race to Ten Points
  • Dozen winning margins

The Rugby League offers many markets and bet types for all kinds of people, including futures, props, totals, and in-play.

The Best Sites for Rugby League Wagering

Many bookmakers offer Rugby League betting, but which ones provide the best Rugby League experience? Over the years, the sport has become quite popular, and bookies offer more and more bets and features to satisfy their customers. Besides adding more bet types, the bookmakers started to provide in-play betting and live streaming for the sport. Here are the best sites for Rugby League Betting, in our opinion.

888 Sport

888 Sport is a leader in sports betting for years. They are widely popular with their competitive and reliable odds and excellent market options. They have a unique website design and can offer customers many Rugby League markets to choose from.


You might be more familiar with this brand because the British Super League is called the “Betfred Super League.” they don’t offer an as wide range of markets as other bookmakers. Still, their odds and bonuses are solid and attractive.


Betfair is one of the most prestigious names when it comes to sports betting. They offer enough betting options when it comes to the Rugby league and a wide array of betting options. They are the bookmakers that provide the most extensive range of betting options for this sport.

William Hill

William Hill has a long history in the UK, and they offer enough Rugby League content to their customers to keep them happy. The bookie also has a great welcome offer and a superb online and mobile platform unique to them.


Bet365 is the most famous bookie on this list. They have a range of betting options for Rugby League events but surprisingly not the widest one on the list. They offer a reliable platform and excellent customer support service to their customers and are very trustworthy.


Ladbrokes is an excellent choice of Rugby League betting because they are an international bookmaker and Australia – the place where the League’s second most popular competition is held (NRL) is a place where they have a massive operation. They offer many sports to wager on, and their promotions are enticing and useful for both new and existing customers.

Rugby League Betting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on the Rugby League legal in the UK?

Yes, it is.

Is there a difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

Yes, there is.

What’s the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

Both the rules of the sport and the number of players on each team are different between the two variations. The main difference though, is in the tackling system. In Rugby League matches, a team has a restriction of how much tackle possessions they have while in Rugby Union, there is no limit.

Why are handicap markets so popular in the Rugby League?

Throughout the year, there are many mismatches and odds differences between the teams; that’s why most people prefer to wager on handicap markets.

What are the names of some of the great British teams in the Rugby League?

There are thirty-three Rugby League clubs in the UK. The most popular ones are St. Helens, Castleford, Huddersfield, Leeds, Salford, Catalans, etc.

Rugby League Betting Guide: Summary

The Rugby League might not be one of the most popular sports globally, but it is very famous in some parts of the world. You shouldn’t mix them up with their rival game, the Rugby Union. They split way back when for a reason and today are two different sports with different rules and regulations. Betting on the sports comes with many available betting options as long as the bookmaker you are betting with provides them. There is a lot of potential in wagering on this sport, and you should try it out. Multiple substantial and established bookmakers offer more or less betting options on this sport. If you want to pick the site with the broadest range of betting options, we recommend you place a wager on the next Rugby League match with Betfair.